ApplicationAudit for EMC Centera allows customers to track archive data creation and deletion information. This information is typically not available and the deletion history lost when a system is shut down.


Information creation history   X X
Information deletion history   X X
Listing of creation history
(optionally with deletion information)
  X X
Listing of deletion history
(optionally with creation information)
  X X
Listing of deletion history for regular delete operations   X X
Listing of deletion history for Privileged Deletes only   X X
Listings based on application profile   X X
Optional output of metadata   X X
Object-Reference only format   X X
Notification in case of compliance violation
  • Archived information without retention
  • Deletion of archived data
  • Deletion before retention expiry
  X X
Configuration Wizard   X X
Definition of two source systems   X  
Unlimited number of source systems     X
Data readability assurance     X
Server-based output of listings   X X