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Informatio offers services for operating and monitoring electronic infrastructures and products for function-based data replication and outtasking .

Informatio has been founded to start a small and efficient company on the services market with a clear customer focus in mind. Contrary to many companies today that are focussing on increasing shareholder value by maximising revenue and saving costs Informatio is targeting long-term customer relationships by actively listening to customers and answering their needs with custom or standardised service and product offerings.

Within the IT infrastructure management exist a multitude of tasks of which each one of them doesn’t take long. Often these monitoring and management tasks are pushed back because of critical activities for business applications are more important to be completed in a timely fashion. This also leads to the people working less frequent on less important pieces of the infrastructure which in turn presents a higher risk in operating the equipment.

These rarely performed but critical tasks are being taken over by Informatio in form of out tasked services and in full integration into the customer notification and escalation procedures. The exact and well documented activities enable Informatio to complete the tasks at hand quickly and with up to date know how. Informatio is also in the position to share know-how and lessons learned.

The growth strategy of Informatio is targeted towards profitable growth of the service and product portfolio based on customer demand. The start with Managed Services for EMC Centera based electronic archive infrastructures was based on the years of experience of the founder with the product. Customer demand lead to the creation of Managed Services for NetApp and Isilon. Replitect is a new answer to the question if EMC Centera requires a backup to recover from software or human errors. Replitect for EMC Centera delays the replication of delete requests issued by applications and ensures that the second copy available in the secondary system is deleted after a configurable time period.

Based on customer demand and a lot of existing ideas mainly in the area adding more systems to our monitoring framework Informatio will continue to grow.


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Informatio GmbH
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Holger Jakob


Holger Jakob as founder and CEO of Informatio brings the necessary know how in operations as well as the development knowledge to build and maintain the current and future product and services portfolio

Franco Carettoni

Senior Technical Consultant

Franco Carettoni supports in all aspects of monitoring and project work. Franco supports customers in their mainframe environments with customer-specific services.


After seven years in the market, there are lot\'s of stories. Just get in touch!