Become Reseller

Informatio services are available for resellers. There is the possibility to have Informatio perform the service tasks or in case of branded reselling, to perform the monitoring and operations tasks as reseller.

Branded Services

Branded resellers are offered the possibility to deliver all monitoring services to their endcustomers under the label of the reseller. Informatio will not be visible to the endcustomer.

Branded services are the ideal solution to build a specific operations package with own people facing the endcustomer. Most often this reselling possibility is used in cases where the knowhow for the storage system is available at the reseller.

Reseller Services

All our monitoring and operations services can be resold to endcustomers. Informatio will deliver the service in such a situation.

The reseller is kept in copy of each communication between Informatio and the endcustomer. All project or services are billed by the reseller who remains the primary contact for the endcustomer.